Precision Chemical Grout is a concrete repair contracting service operating throughout the southeastern United States. Headquartered in Demopolis, AL Precision Chemical Grout serves the commercial, industrial and public markets providing compaction and permeation grouting and soil stabilization services using the latest restoration technologies to extend the life of concrete structures.

While using conventional repair methods and cutting edge technologies Precision Chemical Grout can repair leaks in concrete structures, restore damaged concrete, stabilize slabs, fill voids, and improve soil conditions. Whether you’re a municipality, commercial warehouse operator, government agency, utility, general contractor or engineering firm we have solutions to meet your concrete repair needs. Precision Chemical Grout is a contractor partner of Prime Resins, Inc. who provides over 30 years of product development and technical support expertise in concrete repair. This partnership allows us to match the proper repair products and methodology to insure that your project is done once, done right and done for good.

Precision Chemical Grout is committed to the core values of honesty and integrity while providing solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.